Departments of CPP's Political Academy

1. Department for further education of CPP's representatives elected in local and regional government

As part of this department over 70 teachers of CPP's Political Academy operate. Seminars on various topics are held once a month in Zagreb and attendance of teachers is mandatory. After the seminar, teachers are required to pass the knowledge to their county organization.

2. Department for advanced education in general politics

Within this department the Political academy organizes round tables on topics of different policies as well as public debates all over Croatia.

3. Department for further education and organizational strengthening of the party

This section is intended to strengthen the organization by making the tour around Croatia where meetings are held on topics related to party activities and team-building activities. The leaders of this department are CPP's Chief Secretary and Head of the Central Office.

4. Department for special programs

This department collaborates and fosters international cooperation with foreign partners holding seminars for youth, women and all CPP officials.

5. Department for the public

Within the political moment, there was a need to have a Political Academy open to the public. Therefore the Council of the 5th Department was established. As an autonomous and independent body, the Council of the 5th Department of the Academy tends approximation of liberal ideas to the general public through round tables, conferences and lectures on various subjects. Council Coordinator is Mr. Davor Gjenero, and the members are Vesna Pusic, Andrea Zlatar Violić, Slavko Goldstein, Zdravko Petak, Darko Polšek.

6. Department for publishing

Over the years of work the Academy has collected a large number of interesting lectures and materials which will be issued in the form of brochures, manuals and catalogs.

7th Department - CPP's Call centre

Includes the service of direct contact with CPP's members and symphatizers and the general population, as well as various polls of public opinion.

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