CPP's CO Krapinsko-zagorska county about negotiation skills

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Krapina, 18th October – As part of CPP's Political Academy, the County Committee of Krapina-Zagorje county held a seminar about negotiation skills. The seminar was opened by Anđelko Topolovec, president of CPP's Krapina-zagorje county committee and head of Radoboj municipality.


Topolovec divided the negotiation process into phases and steps in the introductory part of the lecture, remarking that the phases referto the procedure and relations between sides in the negotiation, and the steps to preparation, conversation, suggestions, the act of negotiating itself and the result. He introduced those present to the details to which attention must be devoted in order for the negotiations to successfully succeed in each phase and step. In the following part he exposed, in great detail, the lecture and example of a coalition negotiation workshop which the Academy held on its 2nd specialized training in cooperation with the dutch liberal VVD party. The education also touched upon public appearance and media statements. The seminar was attended by candidates for head of Krapina-zagorje county committee on the incoming 2013 local elections.