CPP's Međimurje county continues with the education of its officials

Čakovec, November 5th – After the Academy's specialized training on creating, organising and realising local level investments which the CPP's Međimurje county carried out in all of its branches, as a part of the session of the Presidency of CPP's Međimurje county committee, the Collegium of branch presidents and team leaders everyone present was introduced also with a seminar of CPP's Political Academy about negotiation skills and strategic political planning.


Matija Posavec, president of CPP's Međimurje county committee and deputy prefect of Međimurje county, spoke about everything mentioned above. Posavec, while speaking about negotiation skills, split the negotiation process into phases and steps, remarking that the phases relate to the procedure and relations between the negotiating sides, and the steps to the preparation, conversation, suggestions, the act of negotiation itself and the result. In each of the phases and steps he introduced everyone present to the details that must be given attention in order for the negotiations to conclude successfully.


There was also word of strategic political planning, a seminar which CPP's Political Academy in cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for freedom held in Zagreb. The people who spoke about the mentioned subject in Zagreb were Davor Gjenero, a political analyst and Marijana Grbeša, from the University of political sciences, University of Zagreb.

Among other things, there was word on the session about an important subject relating to the preparations for the forthcoming 2013 local elections.

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