CPP's county organisations continue with education in the field

Zagreb, November 16th ‚Äď As part of CPP's Political Academy, CPP CO Sisańćko-moslavańćka, Bjelovarsko-bilogorska and Brodsko-posavska counties held seminars about negotiation skills and strategic political planning. Secretary Marija Bilman spoke about the aforementioned subjects in Sisak-moslavina county, whereas spokesman Vladimir Barińá spoke in Bjelovar-bilogora county.


The negotiation skills subject in Brod-posavlje county were presented by Domagoj Bartek, county organisation president of Brod-posavlje county and Igor Rubil, Presidency member, and the subject of strategic political planning was communicated by spokeswoman Melita Milenkovińá.


All the lecturers split the negotiation process into phases and steps, remarking that the phases refer to the procedure and relations between the negotiating sides, and the steps to preparation, conversation, recommendations, the act of negotiating itself and the result.

They introduced everyone present in each step and phase with the necessary details in order for the negotiations to succeed successfully. They continued by bringing forth with great detail the lecture and example of a negotiation workshop in a coalition held by the Academy on its second specialized training in cooperation with the dutch liberal party VVD. Speaking about strategic political planning, the lecturers spoke about liberal-democratic subjects related to the local elections, presented by Davor Gjenero, a political analyst, in Zagreb.

On the subject of a modern campaign strategy, presented in Zagreb by Marijana GrbeŇ°a from the Faculty of political sciences, the lecturers drew attention on campaign build-up guiding themselves by steps relating to context analysis, goal definition, market analysis, target group determination, candidate/party image, the general type and tone of the campaign and the definition of the campaign type at the end.

Sisańćko-moslavańćka and Bjelovarsko-bilogorska counties carried out the education as part of a meeting (coordination) of counties, and Brodsko-posavska as part of a Presidency session.

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