CPP's CO Osječko-baranjska county about negotiation skills

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Osijek, 19th November - As part of the Academy, CPP's CO Osječko-baranjska county held a seminar on negotiating skills. About this topic spoke Mijomir Grgurević, Secretary of Osiječko-baranjska county organization.


Negotiation skills is the most important skill in politics, as in everyday life and situations. Grgurević divided negotiation into steps relating to the preparation, discussion, suggestions, and the act of negotiation result. Speaking on the steps of negotiation, Grgurević pointed out that the most important stage is preparation, and also the most neglected.


"It is important to try to empathize with the other party and in this way to understand his actions and reactions," concluded Secretary of Osječko-Baranjaska county. Education was held within 26th Chairman Session of, where, among other things,they discussed the recent developments related to the party.

Ivan Vrdoljak, vice president of CPP and Minister of Economy addressed to everyone and informed about the functioning of the party in the upcoming months. Stjepan Čuraj, president of CPP's CO Osječko-baranjska county outlined the plan for the local elections.