CPP's CO Krapinsko-zagorska county continues with education

MaĨe, 27th November ā€“Within the Political Academy CPP's CO Krapinsko-zagorska county held a seminar on the budget in local and regional government and political strategic planning. AnÄ‘elko Topolovec, Mayor of Radoboj county and President of CPP's CO Krapinsko-zagorska county and Marija Pernjek, Head of Department of the Municipality Radoboj presented themes.


Topolovec spoke about the strategic thinking of budgeting and stressed the importance of knowing the details about the situation in the municipality with special emphasis on the situation in finance, the needs of associations, youth and socially disadvantaged. Using example of his county he explained how this year's budget was made. Also, he referred to the planning of budgetary funds where he noted examples of how with small financial resources you may get the realization of projects of great importance for the local people.


Topolovec and Pernjak were the moderators of workshops on strategic budget planning at the local level. They divided participants into groups and asked them to, following every step of strategic planning, set their own vision of budget.

The second part of the seminar was about the strategic policy planning where Topolovec explained in detail all eight steps in making strategies of contemporary campaigns.

The seminar was attended by candidates for mayors and deputy mayors in the upcoming local elections 2013 for the municipality of Krapinsko-zagorska county.

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