Education about the long-term budget planning in local and regional government

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Požega, 30th November – Within CPP's Political Academy, CPP's CO Požeško-slavonska county held a seminar on topic of the long-term budget planning in local and regional government. About this subject spoke Tamara Puac, the secretary.


Puač began a lecture on strategic thinking about the budget, based on a lecture of Vladimir Novak, Mayor of Šenkovec who held a seminar in CPP's Political Academy in Zagreb. She noted the importance of knowing details about the situation in the municipality with special emphasis on the situation in finance, the needs of associations, youth and social endangered.


Also on this topic, it was concluded that the structure of local budgets must follow the structure of the state budget, and how in local and regional government a great role plays excellently arranged unique administrative department of the municipality. Furthermore Puač addressed to the lecture of Nikola Kučiš from AZRA and noted the importance of long-term (multi-year) budget planning in local communities as well as a good knowledge of the financial capacity of local communities.

It is important to note that CPP's CO Požeško-slavonska county so far held seminar on this topic in CPP's branches Čaglin, Brestovac and Požega.