With "Door to door" campaign we are listening to the voters

web vvd 2 3 dioZagreb, 20th June 2015 – "Politicians must have a very good knowledge about their target groups and listen to the public", began his lecture VVD trainer Kamran Ullah, who came in Zagreb with Wouter Shroer from the International Bureau of VVD.

Speaking about the technical approach and the implementation of campaign and communication with party activists and volunteers, VVD coach focused on the "Door to door" campaign and ways to convince voters to vote for CPP.

He elaborated key points of technical implementation of the campaign, conditions and elements of the campaign, as well as the basics of setting up a strategy for the campaign.

He also talked about implementation of negative campaign and arguments for and against it. The campaign must show that CPP is different from other parties and to put forward projects that the party offers. Negative campaigns in fact contribute to negative public attitudes towards politics in general, and it outlines a lack of trust in politicians.

"You have to be positive, ambitious and look to the future and keep to your liberal attitudes", said VVD trainer.

Also, according to Ullah, promises made in the campaign should be fulfilled, because voters remember. Unfulfilled promises give opponents an argument against your party. Finally, one must always be careful about the promise it gives to voters.

Speaking about communication with party activists and volunteers, VVD trainer pointed out how and in what way to communicate well with them and advised that the campaign starts with a positive attitude. With that way of thinking we can always adapt to the situation and be creative.
On the other hand by using social networks, we can reach out to the general population, especially young urban people who use the Internet, because social networks are ideal for spreading the message of the party about all important issues.

Most of the seminar was dedicated to the "Door to door" campaign and on that issue a workshop was conducted. Ullah said we must listen and understand what people have to say, when doing "Door to door" campaign. Even when poeple say they won't vote for our party we must leave a positive impression.

In "Door to door" campaign we must personalize the message according to what we heard from person. This type of campaign can be permanent and can be carried out continuously in the period between elections, and month before elections it should be intense", concluded VVD trainer.

Once again many thanks to the Dutch Liberal Party VVD which has enabled education on such an important topic that will help us in preparing for parliamentary elections.

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