Topolovec and Posavec: The budget is the most important and most complex political document

proracun 2015 webZagreb, 28th November 2015 – The Academy has already the eleventh year in a row held an education about the budget in local and regional government. This year's training held Anđelko Topolovec, Mayor of Municipality Radoboj and Matija Posavec, prefect of the County of Međimurje.

Topolovec has in the introductory lecture presented the technical side of the budget process on the example of municipality Radoboj. He also explained the structure of the local budget according to the income and expenditure and the specific types of items. Emphasis in the lecture and discussion was on the analysis of the relationships between national and local authorities who must cooperate in the planning and execution of the budget.

In the following Matija Posavec gave a lecture on the role of counties in the system of local and regional government, with particular emphasis on the current debate on the territorial reorganization of the Croatia. The mayor stressed that the program of territorial organization must keep a clear analysis of the impacts of reforms, and in doing so the basic principle must be that citizens are on the first place and that they deserve the best public service they can get, regardless of place of residence.

Posavec has explained the goals and values, such as the realization of the incentive business climate, improving the quality of life and environmental protection, which are the foundations of the budget of the county of Međimurje, and long-term development strategies.

In the part of the lecture about incomes of counties, Posavec explained the importance of structural and cohesion funds of the European Union which will form an increasing proportion of the budgets of local and regional government.

Topic of budget is being processed for eleven consecutive years within the first department of the Academy for further training of elected representatives in the local and regional government and thus we are proud of. The fact is that the CPP's are very well informed that knowing how to make a good budget means knowing the needs of local people among them. CPP's elected representatives in local government are aware that they must know how to spend the money of their fellow citizens.

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