Blažeković: Teachers are blood cells of CPP's Academy

uhlir zakon 2016 webZagreb, 30th January 2016 – "Teachers are blood cells of CPP's Academy. All together with their support, hard work and the role in the county organizations we have to emphasize CPP's values and knowledge to be more visible and acceptable", said at today's seminar Boris Blažeković, Head of the Academy and a member of the Presidency of CPP.

Blažeković in continuation spoke about departments of the Academy, its plan and program for the academic year 2015/2016.

"Teachers have knowledge and savvy of the Academy. They are the fastest link between the knowledge of the Academy and county organizations, but they must constantly learn and improve themselves. Without them CPP would not be what it is", concluded Blažeković.

Also, he commented on the current political situation in the country and expressed his personal attitude regarding the situation in the country.

"Came to power those whose political, but also personal attitudes are in sharp contrast to our own. It is not that we do not accept such attitudes, we reject them! Our efforts and our policies must go into battle for the awakening of the citizens. Now is the time for our values to be visible and acceptable. The freedom and happiness of every individual is his natural right, but each individual has his responsibility and obligations, and the state is here to make this possible. The policy of CPP is our policy! Croatian People's Party - Liberal Democrats is the sense of the society and the party will always advocate and fight for basic human rights", concluded Blažeković.

In the second part of the seminar Željko Uhlir, Deputy Minister of Construction and Physical Planning in the mandate 2012/2015. has presented the Law on the assessment of property values in local and regional governments. Uhlir has pointed out a special role wich local and regional governments have.

"A special role in the collection, evaluation and publishing of data from the eProperty on the basis of legal provisions, have local and regional governments with its professional services and evaluating commissions", concluded Uhlir.

The seminar was attended by CPP's officials in the executive power and the teachers of the Academy.

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