"Freedom and democracy are the foundation of economic development"

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kruzic hinst webZagreb, 5th March 2016 – "In the sector of professional and business services are hiding our future jobs and jobs of our children. To this date, no one has taken seriously this sector. We opened it in 2012 with a clear public policies and their structures and can rightfully say that this is the top sector", said Vedran Kružić, Assistant Minister of Economy for Trade and Internal Market in mandate 2011/2015 at the seminar of the Academy in Tomićeva street.

The seminar discussed the importance of the sector of professional and business services in the development of modern European economy, as well as the removal of administrative barriers and costs of regulation to the business sector, and about the measures to increase the competitiveness of the economy.

Daniel Hinšt, Head of the Department for services and the Centre of the EU internal market in the Ministry of Economy presented the document "Public policies for the development and reform of the market of professional and business services in Croatia", which contains proposals for reform measures to improve the competitiveness of this strategically important sector for the economy of EU and Croatia.

"This project was created in the mandate of the Government 2011/2015, under the Ministry of Economy and we are sure that the thesis of this project and all what participants heard today, will enable leaders in local governments the enhanced and more effective approach to solving everyday problems related with economic development at the local level", concluded Kružić and Hinšt.

The seminar was opened by the head of the Academy and a member of the Presidency of the CPP Boris Blažeković.