City of Koprivnica is the first smart city in the region with ISO certificate

kc pametni gradovi webKoprivnica, February 17, 2017. – Education about the idea and the implementation of smart cities in HNS Koprivnica-Križevci County Organization was held by Jasmina Pavlović, Academy lecturer, while Melita Samoborec, president of HNS Koprivnica-Križevci County Organization and deputy mayor of city Koprivnica, explained everything through practical examples of city Koprivnica.

Ih his presentation, Pavlović noted that the idea of smart cities is to increase the life quality and standards with plans for sustainability for future generations.

It was also pointed out that Koprivnica has installed smart solutions for savings in city budget, saving the environment and raising life quality and all that within the project E-city that is carried out by City Utility Company Komunalac in cooperation with Croatian Telecom. That contributed to what is Koprivnica now, the first city in region and the seventh city in Europe with ISO certificate.

There are a few smart solutions that had already found its use in Koprivnica and are available to the cities that decide to strategic development in "smart" direction. It is about the system of electronical invoices that contributes the business modernization, wireless internes acess by smart bench and to complete solution of record of municipal waste in which Koprinica is the first city in Croatia.

Education was attended by the presidents of subsidiaries and team leaders of HNS Koprivnica-Križevci County Organization.

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