Dubrovańćko-neretvanska County organization of HNS started with the public speaking school!

du javni nastup webDubrovnik, February 28 2017 ‚Äď Dubrovańćko-neretvanska County organization of HNS held the first module of the School of public performances for its members. Participants of the two-day training were HNS candidates for municipal mayors and mayors, presidents of subsidiaries, members of the County Organization Presidency and representatives of women's initiative.

The education is a product of the HNS Dubrovańćko-neretvanska County and was led by the former editor of Dubrovnik TV and an expert on public relations and also a spokesman for the county HNS and the Academy teacher, Tihomir Matińá. Ivana Androińá, a longtime radio journalist with an experience in public relations and Igor JuriŇ°ińá, a communications consultant of Dubrovnik HNS were lecturers too.

"This type of education was planned for a while and I am extremely happy that we have started it successfully just before local elections. I am very proud of our lecturers and their quality because they are people with a great experience in public relations, journalism and education. That is also a guarantee that our candidates, officials and all members that will have an opportunity for public appearance, will get the best basics for that kind of appearance" ‚Äď said the president of HNS Dubrovańćko-neretvanska County organization, Valetin Dujmovińá.

"Continuous education is important for everyone, no matter of previous experience. I am therefore extremely pleased that among the first students of our school are members who already have a large number of media appearances. This shows they are aware of the need for work on themselves and acquiring new knowledge, i.e. keeping pace with modern trends. That is the meaning of this project which is open to all our members. It is important for members that need this type of training and then we will organize training for all the other members who want to learn how to speak out in media" - said the head of the school and the teacher of the Political Academy Tihomir Matińá and pointed out that the project came to life largely because of the support of Valentin Dujmovińá, who also proposed its launching.

The first module was the introduction to public speaking and peculiarities of media appearances and public relations and besides theoretical part, participants went through workshops the practical part of the training.

Soon will be held two practical modules dedicated to press conferences and television interviews and all within the preparation for the upcoming local elections but also as a part of the constant work on strengthening the HNS in Dubrovańćko-neretvanska County which can be laud with notable results in the last few years.

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