IT infrastructure of cities will improve the life quality of citizens

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gradovi medjimurskaČakovec, March 17, 2017 - As part of the educations conducted by the Political Academy, County organization of Međimurska County has held a lecture about smart cities.

In the introduction part all participants were welcomed by the MP Bernard Topolko and seminar was moderated by Josip Ĺ ipek, Deputy Mayor of Strahoninec municipality and Nino Hren, head of the project of setting optical infrastructure in municipality Ĺ enkovec.

In the first part Ĺ ipek was speaking about trends in the world and in Croatia. In the second part Hren pointed out experiences in the implementation at the local level and experience of the municipality Ĺ enkovec about conditions for further communication and information development.

Discussion tried to connect the knowledge gained though the seminar with the local elections. HNS, as a modern liberal party is always forefront in implementing these changes and with this smart cities project can also offer something new. In most towns and municipalities at the local level were provided the infrastructure projects in road construction or municipal regulation of green areas. Why would not HNS offer something new that will attract the younger voters?

The seminar concluded that local HNS has to implement new IT infrastructure because that is the future in terms of improving the life quality of all citizens.