Liberalism is a civil political ideology

Rijeka, 20th November - "Liberalism is a civil political ideology. Liberal worldview is based on rational judgment and decision making. Liberalism is also advanced ideology advocating for social development", began a public lecture on Liberalism Boris Bla┼żekovi─ç, Head of CPP's Political Academy and CPP's MP.


Talking about the basic ideas of liberalism, with its attendant stereotypes and liberal issues, Bla┼żekovi─ç puts the importance on the relationship between liberalism and state issues and the differences between liberalism and other ideologies.


"Liberalism as an ideology is the foundation of the modern state. Without liberalism, we would not have the current level of freedom, but with every freedom comes responsibility", continued Bla┼żekovi─ç. In addition to the responsibilities Bla┼żekovi─ç noted the relationship between liberal policies and the individual, the relationship between liberal politics and civil society, liberal politics and government and at the end stance of liberal politics in the formation of international relations issues.

"Every human being needs freedom to develop talents and itself completely. Every human being is an individual with their own personal and unique ideas, wants and needs, but is also a social being dependent on other individuals", said Bla┼żekovi─ç.

Talking about the implementation of the national advocacy in social policy, the head of the Academy and CPP's MP said how liberals believe that the state must provide to each individual the right to equal participation in social life. Every member of society has an equal and universal suffrage, and by the same token he has right to participate in the part of social wealth.

"Liberal social policy insists on the responsibility of each individual for his fate. CPP is from the beginning a Liberal Party. It is important to build values within the political parties, as well as the importance of such discussions".

Public debate on liberalism was organized by CPP's CO Primorsko-goranska county and CPP's Political Academy.

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