Bla┼żekovi─ç: The government is working on the renovation

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Karlovac, 12th December - The current political situation in Croatia with regard to the forthcoming local elections, was the theme of last night's press conference, which was held at the City Library Ivan Goran Kovacic by Boris Bla┼żekovi─ç, CPP's MP, member of the Presidency and Head of Political Academy.


"The last year this government is trying to work on the renovation of the overall society and economy. That job is obviously much higher than they previously thought it would be knowing all problems they found. That does not mean lack of preparation. Through laws that come to parliament, it is evident that the two articles can completly change the law and by changing the law actually governs this country. This is obviously the weakest Croatian point, where investments particularly suffer" said Bla┼żekovi─ç.


The reason he underlines is the lack of adequate legislation that would enable and facilitate the arrival of domestic and foreign investments. Also, Bla┼żekovi─ç commented on Croatian accession to the European Union next year, saying the agreement should be ratified by seven countries in the EU, and it is considered that there will not be any major problems.

"My opinion is that it will, no matter what, cause a positive shock in Croatia and that the entry into the EU is something that will be another catapult of development in the next period. I believe that we will in the four-year term justify everything we promised in the election campaign. We must all be aware of the fact that the reforms Kukuriku coalition has promised and is working on, can not be solved in a year. Those are the promises for a four-year term. Citizens will feel some results in the second half of next year" added Bla┼żekovi─ç.

He commented on the case of former Deputy Prime Minister Radimir ─îa─Źi─ç. He pointed out that it was an accident and that his departure from the position of first deputy prime minister is a lost for Croatia.

"Although we will miss ─îa─Źi─ç in the government, it will not be worse, but different" added Bla┼żekovi─ç.

After the press conference Boris Bla┼żekovi─ç held a round table entitled "Liberalism and the position of the CPP in Croatia", organized by CPP's Political academy and CPP's CO Karlova─Źka county.

On the panel, Bla┼żekovi─ç talked about the basic ideas of liberalism, with its attendant stereotypes and liberal issues, where special emphasis was placed on the importance of the relationship between liberalism and state issues and the differences between liberalism and other ideologies. Bla┼żekovi─ç emphasized freedom and responsibility, the relationship of liberal politics and the individual, the relationship of liberal politics and civil society, liberal politics and government and at the end the view of liberal politics in the formation of international relations issues.

"Freedom is every human beings need to develop his talents and himself completely. Every human being is an individual with his own personal and unique ideas, wants and needs, and he is also a social being dependent on other individuals, "said Bla┼żekovi─ç.

"CPP is from its beginning a liberal party, and it is important to build values within the political parties, as well as it is important to have such discussions since one of the basic functions of party is the education, training and honing young staff," concluded the Head of Academy and CPP's MP.