Liberalism is the foundation of the modern state

Metković, 2nd October – „Liberalism as an ideology is the foundation of the modern state. Without liberalism we wouldn't have today's degree of freedom, but responsibility comes with every freedom", stated Boris Blažeković, Political Academy director and CPP parliamentary representative, at the beginning of a public debate about liberalism.


Speaking of the basic ideas of liberalism, the stereotypes which follow it and liberal issues, Blažeković put special emphasison the importance of the relation between liberalism and the state and the question of difference between liberalism and other ideologies. He continued to with accentuating freedom and responsibility, the relation between liberal politics and the individual, the relation between liberal politics and a civil society, liberal politics and the state and the point of view of liberal policy in matters of fforming internatinal relations.


„Every human being needs freedom in order to develop it's talents and itself completely. Every human being is an individual with their personal and unique ideas, desires and needs, and it is a social being dependening on other individuals at the same time", continued Blažeković.

„CPP is a liberal party from it's beginnings, and the build-up of values within political parties is important, as well as the importance of these debates since one of the basic party functions is the selection of the national political elite which is marked by education and fine polishing of the young staff", concluded the Academy director and CPP parliamentary representative.

Addressing those present, Blažeković also spoke about the actual issues of Croatian politics including the Republic of Croatia's entry into the European Union, and during his exposition he highlighted multiple times the beauties of Neretva valley and the need to preserve them as the greatest asset of this part of the country.

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