Škvarić: There is not much philosophy about withdrawal of EU funds!

skvaric webKriževci, 23rd February 2015 – „It is simple – you must first have a city development strategy, and the strategy of development of tourism, economy and agriculture and the green agenda to protect the environment. When it exists, then you know the objectives, measures you need to ensure to achieve objectives and the resources that are needed. There's not much philosophy, you should only be a valuable and work", said Marijan Škvarić, Mayor of the City of Lepoglava and CPP's parliamentarian, also a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Local and Regional Self-Government and a member of the Committee on Regional Development and EU funds on the public tribune which was organized in Križevci by CPP's Koprivničko-križevačka county organization in cooperation with CPP's subsidary Križevci and CPP's Political Academy.


The mayor of the town of 8300 inhabitants, has succeeded with only eight employees at the City Administration, raise in 15 years the city budget four times, and at the same time has behind him about twenty projects financed from European funds.

Lepoglava "pulled" from the EU funds a million euros for tourist and cultural information center. Furthermore, among the first they withdrew for their citizens 3.3 million kuna and replaced facades and windows on 71 object so they saved 1.3 million kuna, with less consumption of gas. Using 2.2 million kuna they will change 1000 lighting lamps, and the primary school will get the heat pump and solar panels. From solar power plants worth 10 million kuna Lepoglava gets 1 mW of electricity.

"All projects supervises European Commission and there are no issues with politicization. The city administration, all employees have certificates for writing projects, and I help them as much as I can. If they are too busy, I put the stamps on envelopes and carry them in the post office", explained the secret of success CPP's Marijan Škvarić.

Public tribune was attended by Melita Samoborec, President of CPP's Koprivničko-križevačka organisation and Deputy-Mayor of Križevci, Željko Berend, president of CPP's subsidary Križevci, presidents of local organisations of SDP, ORAH, AHSS and the Labour Party, but also many councilors and mayors of neighboring municipalities.

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