Beus Richembergh and Škvarić on the field!

web saborski opcenitoZagreb, 20th March 2015 - Within the 2nd Department of the Academy for advanced education in general policy, parliamentarians Goran Beus Richembergh and Marijan Škvarić will visit Krapinsko-zagorska and Virovitičko-podravska counties on Monday, March 23rd and spend the day with our members on the field.



"The possibilities and potentials of tourism of Krapinsko-zagorska County"

In cooperation of the Academy and CPP's Krapinsko-zagorska county organization, CPP's MP and President of the Parliamentary Committee for Tourism Goran Beus Richembergh will visit Krapinske Toplice on Monday, March 23rd. During his visit, he will hold a press conference, speak on Radio station Krapina and at the public tribune present the possibilities and potentials of tourism of Krapinsko-zagorska County. With our Member of Parliament at the press conference will also speak Anđelko Topolovec, president of CPP's Krapinsko-zagorska organization and mayor of the municipality Radoboj and Anđelko Ferek Jambrek, Deputy Prefect of Krapinsko-zagorska County, who are also hosts of the entire event.

The press conference is scheduled for 14 hours at CPP's Office in Krapina, and public tribune will begin at 17 hours, in Dom kulture in Krapinske Toplice.

"Local government and EU funds"

In cooperation of the Academy and CPP's Virovitičko-podravska county organization, in the premises of the CPP in Pitomača, Marijan Škvarić, CPP's MP and a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Local and Regional Self-Government and the Committee on Regional Development and EU Funds will hold the public tribune on the local self-government with focus of applying for EU funds.

The event will be held on Monday, March 23rd at 18:30 hours, and will be opened by the President of CPP's Virovitičko-podravska county organization Marijan Rengel. At 18 hours CPP's MP will give statements to the media.

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