Beus Richembergh: A great potential of Zagorje lies in continental tourism

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goran krapina webKrapina, 24th March 2015 ā€“ "Zagorje has the greatest comparative advantages and the greatest unused potential! Especially should develop continental tourism with well-engineered contents such as spending time in nature and movement in nature, the wine road and the organization of specific workshops. This kind of content would attracted people. Also, the great potential of Zagorje is in oenology, which should be linked to gastronomy", said at a press conference about the possibilities and potentials of tourism in Krapinsko-zagorska County Goran Beus Richembergh, President of the Parliamentary Committee for Tourism and CPP's MP.

"Last year 83,000 tourists visited Krapinsko-zagorska County, they achieved 188,000 overnight stays, which means only 0.3% of Croatian tourist traffic. Your County is second in overnight stays in continental Croatia, and in front there is only KarlovaĨka County because of the Plitvice. So, continental tourism should be developed, because it has a great potential", noted Beus Richembergh.

"Last year our County was second in number of overnight stays among continental counties. We have 1973 beds, which is insufficient, and we work hard to increase this number because we have a trend of increasing number of guests. Last year, we recorded a 16 percent increase", said to the media Deputy Prefect of Krapinsko-zagorska County Anđelko Ferek Jambrek.

Davor GrediĨak, director of special hospital for medical rehabilitation in spa StubiĨke Toplice told first-hand experience with the health tourism in Zagorje and said that the medical staff is high-quality.

"Special hospitals should be holders of medical tourism because they have all the prerequisites. We have geothermal and mineral water, high-quality medical staff, we are twice cheaper than the western countries of the EU, but what we lack is quality accommodation. The European guests are looking for a certain standard of accommodation, and we are here "thin". In the last 4-5 years StubiĨke Toplice partly improved accommodation facilities with the support of the County, and we have invested a total of 25 million kunas. Ten milion kunas was invested in medical wellness that was completed last year. There is a standard of accommodation as well as in the four-star hotels, and the problem is that the hospital can not be categorized, and this should be legally resolved", said GrediĨak.

After the press conference in Krapina, Beus Richembergh held an interview for Radio station Krapina and in Krapinske Toplice held a public tribune for the interested citizens about the possibilities and potentials of tourism in Krapinsko-zagorska county. The tribune was opened by the president of CPP's Krapinsko-zagorska organization and the mayor of the municipality Radoboj Anđelko Topolovec.

All events were held in cooperation of CPP's Krapinsko-zagorska organization and 2nd Department of CPP's Political Academy for advanced education in general policy.