Members of Parliament working on the field!

web saborski opcenitoZagreb, 13th April 2015 - Within the 2nd Department of the Academy for advanced education in general policy MPs Marijan Škvarić and Boris Blažeković will visit Karlovačka and Vukovarsko-srijemska counties on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th April and spend the day working on the field.



"Law on the Election of Members of the Croatian Parliament"

In cooperation of Academy and CPP's subsidiary Vinkovci, MP of CPP and Head of the Political Academy Boris Blažeković will visit Vinkovci on Monday, 13th April.

During his visit, Blažeković will give statements to the media and speak at a public tribune about The newly Election Law. Public tribune will open Mirna Krajina-Andričević, president of CPP's subsidiary Vinkovci, and the president of CPP's Vukovarsko-srijemska county Mario Jozanović will address all the present.

Statements to the media are planned for 16:45 hours, and the public tribune will begin at 17:00 hours at the City Hall in Vinkovci.


"Local government and EU funds"

In cooperation of the Academy and CPP's Karlovačka county organization, in the premises of the CPP in Karlovac, Marijan Škvarić, CPP's MP and a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Local and Regional Self-Government and the Committee on Regional Development and EU funds will hold a public tribune on Local and Regional Self-Government with focus on applying for EU funds.

The event will be held on Tuesday, 14th April at 18 hours, and at 17:30 the statements to the media will give Marijan Škvarić, Dean Žabčić, president of CPP's Karlovačka county organization and Anka Perić, president of CPP's subsidiary Karlovac, who is also the host of the event.

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