Škvarić: "For attracting EU funds the most important is good preparation"

skvaric karlovacKarlovac, 15th April 2015 – "As in any other business, in attracting EU funds the most important is good preparation. It runs from strategy development as the basic development document to the preparation of project documentation and resolving property issues ", said CPP's MP and the Mayor of the City of Lepoglava Marijan Škvarić speaking at the public tribune about EU funds, which took place within the 2nd Department of CPP's Political Academy.

In the following Škvarić noted that in the throughout work around EU funds, one should cooperate with its neighbors. In the case of the City of Lepoglava, great help and exchange of experience was ensured by their friends from neighboring Slovenia.

Speaking about local self government with focusing of applying for EU funds, CPP's MP and member of the Parliamentary Committee on Regional Development and EU funds as well as the mayor of the City of Lepoglava gave the example of his city.

"The budget of the City of Lepoglava is nine million kuna, and we managed to do a whole range of EU projects. Also, new projects with which we plan to withdraw at least 100 million from EU funds are in the preparation", said Škvarić.

About experiences with EU projects in Karlovačka County spoke CPP's president of Karlovačka organization Dean Žabčić.

"Unfortunately, in our county some mayors do not realize the seriousness and relevance of the strategy, without which we can not go into any serious EU project", said Žabčić, and about the same talked president of CPP's subsidiary Karlovac Anka Perić, who was also the host of the entire event.

Before public tribune and press conference Marijan Škvarić has recorded TV show called the "Interview / theme of the week" about the same topic - how to access EU funds?
CPP's Karlovačka county organization says they are willing to continue to maintain public tribunes in cooperation with the Academy for all sympathizers, interested citizens and their members.
We are waiting for them to surprise us in the month of May. We will see who is the next moderator and which topic they agreed with CPP's Academy.

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