Ivica Mandić: Higher education and technology are crucial for the development of agriculture

mandic novska 16 4Novska, 18th April 2015 – "CPP stands for agricultural policy in which will both large, medium and small farms be successful. For that it is extremely important to have young and educated people, high technology and good government policy", said CPP's MP and Vice President of the Parliamentary Committee for Agriculture Ivica Mandić at the press conference held as part of a public tribune on agriculture, which was organized in Novska by CPP's Sisačko-moslavačka county and CPP's Political Academy.

"By joining Croatia into the European Union the preconditions for the development of Croatian agriculture were created because the EU wants to faster development of agriculture in Croatia and encourages it with the measures, with significant financial support. Currently these are measures that support family farms, particularly procurement of modern agricultural machinery, livestock and processing of agricultural products", said Mandić.

"Soon are ranging measures designed to Local Self-Government to improve living conditions in rural areas. They are helping to create the conditions for staying of young, highly educated people in rural areas", said Mandić. How important these measures are, confirm the indicators of successful countries in the EU and beyond, where the higher education and younger age groups are crucial factor in the development of agriculture. "In the Croatian agriculture we have precisely this problem because we do not have enough knowledge and we have the practice of farming on the traditional way, without modern technology, and carriers of that production are mainly elderly households", said Mandić.

"Law on Land Consolidation of agricultural land, which is right now in parliamentary procedure, will solve the problems of too much regulation in this area through too much legislation as well as economic problems of fragmented holdings, many small plots on which it is difficult to achieve profitable production, as well as a number of current issues in the area of legislation in agriculture. That agricultural policy of previous governments was not so good, tells the fact that we spent, when it comes to capital investments, significant resources without results, as evidenced by the fact that we produce only five products (corn, wheat, apples, eggs and mandarin) to cover our own needs. Everything else is imported, and we did not protect indigenous products before entering the EU, when it was much easier and faster compared to the procedure now, when we are members of the EU", said MP Mandić.

At the press conference, as well as the public tribune, except Mandić also spoke the president of CPP's Sisačko-moslavačka county organization Ivan Nekvapil and president of CPP's subsidary of the City of Novska Elvis Kalcin. The discussion highlighted a number of issues related to commodity reserves of agricultural products, problems with the lease pastures, especially in the Nature Park Lonjsko polje, the perspective of horse breeding in Croatia, problems of competition with the monopoly of large agricultural producers. People also asked questions about the lack of own funds for participation in the use of EU funds.

CPP's county organization of Sisačko-moslavačka County held a public tribune titled "Croatian agriculture, legal procedures and regulations and CPP's views on agriculture", organized as part of the regular work of the 2nd Department of CPP's Political Academy.

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