Turina Đuric about the importance of building the motorway Žuta Lokva – Rijeka

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autocesta nada webOtočac, 20th May 2015 - "The financial settlement of motorway sections Žuta Lokva - Rijeka is extremely important", said Nada Turina Đuric, CPP's MP and president of the Parliamentary Committee for Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure at the public tribune in Otočac, held within CPP's Political Academy and in organization of CPP's Ličko-senjska organization.

Speaking about the construction of the motorway section Žuta Lokva - Rijeka, Turina Đurić said that Croatia has become part of the area of the European Union and the Adriatic Ionian Corridor by 2020th is on the list of priorities of construction and stressed the importance of the financing model of the same.

"The question is whether we are at this moment ready for this project and applying to the EU funds, that is, are we even willing to enter into a funding model that would in fact potentially be concession on that section of the motorway. CPP considers that the two models, through financing from EU funds and financing through concessions, gives the possibility that in 2020 begins the construction of the highway", said CPP's parliamentarian.

As Turina Đuric said, the problem is an unfinished project documentation, and the question is whether to start with Primorsko-goranska or Ličko-senjska county.

In the following she pointed out the position of the current government on that issue. One should go to the construction of that part of the highway, because it is offered on the so-called Likert list of projects with priority of funding from the EU. For this reason, there is a hope that the project would be implemented. On the other hand she pointed out that the responsible ministry and Croatian Motorways need to engage more in order to realize the projects and construction permits, without which there is simply no applications for EU funds.

"No matter of political colors, my opinion is that we should push this project together. It is necessary to make a financial study and only then can we think about models of financing related to the nomination for the financing from the EU funds or the model of financing through a concession", concluded Nada Turina Đuric.

Commissioner of CPP's county Ernest Petry opened a public tribune, and President of CPP's subsidiary Otočac Tomo Butina also addressed to the audience.