"From donation of state property to local governments to more efficient management"

imovina webĐurđevac, 27th May 2015 - "The management of state property means finding optimal solutions that will long-term preserve assets and generate economic growth. Therefore, the Club of the CPP in the Croatian Parliament will by the end of May in the parliamentary procedure send the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on the management and disposal of the assets owned by the Croatia, in order to decentralize management, but also relieve the state body for the job", said Milorad Batinić, president of CPP's Club on the public tribune in Đurđevac.

This CPP's legislative proposal envisages the donation of property to local governments, those which are not used or are not in operation, then those that are not particularly of strategic economic and development interests of the Republic of Croatia, and an essential prerequisite for donation is that these properties are covered by appropriate physical planning documents.

This procedure would be carried out solely on the basis of the decision of the Government, and with the prior opinion of the State Office for State Property Management and reasoned request of local governments, which in turn must be accompanied by a plan of management and disposal of real estate owned by the state in the area of that local government.

In fact, since the establishment of the Croatian Privatisation Fund (1992) until the adoption of the first Law on Management of State Property (2010), it's been almost twenty years, and in that time a comprehensive inventory of assets has not been conducted, the reform process of the Croatian economy are slowed, the creation of new values is absent and the property has been limited to the interests of privatization and the attempts of illicit enrichment of individuals.

"Although the Act of 2010 and its amendments in 2013 made some steps forward, the concentration of rights and obligations in managing the assets retained at the state level, which generate increased costs of state, long-term actions and the dissatisfaction of the local community", said Batinić.

The main guiding principle of this bill is state property with purpose to create new values, and to achieve this, it is necessary to decentralize its management, but also relieve the state body for that job.

This CPP's legislative proposal is the result of CPP's coordination of members of the local executive authorities who detected the problem in the practical application of the existing law and pointed out its shortcomings, then in the Club of CPP such a proposal was made", concluded the president of CPP's Club and vice President of the Croatian Parliament.

The hosts of the event were Melita Samoborec, president of CPP's Koprivničko-križevačka county organization and CPP's president of Đurđevac Ivan Hodić.
Public tribune was organized by CPP's Korpivničko-križevačka county organization and CPP's subsidary Đurđevac, within the 2nd Department od the Academy for futher education in general policy.

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