The opposition must be fierce and uncompromising, and a local organization still recognizable

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tribiina istra politika webPore─Ź, 2nd March 2016 ÔÇô "The opposition must be fierce and uncompromising, and a local organization visible and recognizable even with one councilor", pointed out members of the Presidency of CPP Boris Bla┼żekovi─ç and Igor Kolman at the forum in Pore─Ź called "Practical politics at the local level".

Bla┼żekovi─ç in his presentation spoke about the work of the party, importance of the organization, liberal politics, as well as the preparations of CPP for the upcoming local elections.

"Without coming to power it is very difficult for the party to realize their projects, but that does not mean that this will diminish the importance of the organization. In fact, the organization is important, it must develop and can be recognized even with one councilor", said Bla┼żekovi─ç.

Kolman said how the organization must focus political and in the communication on important local issues and rationally use all the resources that are available, and through them offer concrete solutions. In terms of communication, this means you should communicate more times on a number of themes, but rationally. Speaking about the preparations for the local elections CPP's spokesman said it is important for county organization to determine the points that can achieve a good result.Furthermore, he said that CPP has always been proud of the fact that it does serious projects and that the counties and cities led by CPP officilas are at the top by all indicators.

"CPP has always represented and will represent the policy of individual freedom and dignity of all people regardless of their orientation. Unfortunately, with this new government it seems to be that these values will be threatened. We are now fierce and uncompromising opposition", concluded Kolman.

Before the forum there was a press conference where the Istrian CPP pointed out that Istrian cities can become the new drivers of the development of the old city centers. The proposal of the Istrian CPP have supported the members of the national Presidency Boris Bla┼żekovi─ç and Igor Kolman.