Freedom and responsibility are the basic principles of liberal politics led by HNS

liberzalizam 30 1 2016Križevci, February 1, 2017 - In the regular operation of the HNS Political Academy and its second department for advanced education in general policy in the organization of HNS Koprivnica-Križevci county organization and HNS subsidiary Križevci was held a panel discussion about "Basic principles of liberal politics."

Public debate was held by the leader of Political Academy and a member of party presidency Boris Blažeković in a full multimedia hall of City Library Franjo Marković. Potential coalition partners from SDP, HSS and HSU also responded to HNS call to this debate.
In introduction Blažeković noted that HNS has its Political Academy for 12 years and every party member can have an additional education and to acquire knowledge that eases the work in party and improves performance of duties that are assigned to elected members.
„Anyway, additional political education makes our members efficient in performing that responsible mission as it is to be HNS representative in any representative body of Croatia”, said Blažeković and added the fact where HNS is in power, the citizens have the highest standard in Croatia.
„Recipe is simple – we have very quality people and besides that the total politics led by HNS is the politics of knowledge“, concluded the leader of HNS Political Academy.
Speaking about the main principles of liberal politics, Blažeković noted that in HNS work we start from the basic entry that the freedom of the individual is the highest value and the purpose of country is to protect that freedom and to allow its space spreading in which every individual develops its own potentials dignified and generates its wants and needs. 
„Not any differences – origin, national or religious affiliation, life style, sex or gender, age or disability – cannot reduce the possibility of every individual to make its dream come true”, said Blažeković adding that the basic liberal principle is that the freedom of individual can be limited only with right to freedom of other individual. 
That same freedom at the same time means responsibility too – free individual is self-conscious and antonomous citizen responsible for its own life and well being. 

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