Round table about tax reform

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porezna reforma webZagreb, February 9, 2017 - On Friday, 10th of February as the regulal work of 2nd Department of Political Academy for advanced education in general policy and organizated by HNS VaraĹždin county organization will be held a round table discussion about tax reform.


Božica Makar, HNS member of Parliament and member of the Parliamentary Committee for Finance and Budget and Milorad Batinić, president of the HNS-HSU Club, a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Local and regional government and the mayor of the City of Ivanec will speak about real estate tax and the impact of reforms to local government

The round table will be opened by Alan Kosic, deputy mayor of the VaraĹždin County and moderated by Amalia Ĺ aĹĄek, spokeswoman of HNS VaraĹždin county organizations.

The event will be held at the restaurant Zelendvor in Petrijanec, starting at 17 o'clock.