Round table - tax reform

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batinic reforma webVaraždin, February 13, 2017 - In Zelendvor was held a roundtable discussion about tax reform by HNS members of Parliament Božica Makar and Milorad Batinić, organized by HNS Varaždin county.


Before the beginning of roundtable gathered were welcomed by Zlatan Mošmondor, secretary of HNS Varaždin County Organization and Makar and Batinić were talking about tax on real estate and the impact of tax reform to local government.

The round table was attended by HNS mayors, and members of HNS county organization presidency, as well as the presidents of subsidiaries. In the followed discussion there was the most questions about the tax on real estate and mayors have expressed their concern about how the whole reform will actually affect citizens.

After the round table about tax reform there was also held a lecture about the concept, challenges and key performance indicators of development of smart and sustainable cities. The lecture 'smart cities' was held by Ivan Bednjanić Bunić who participated in a seminar on the same subject organized by the Political Academy in Zagreb.

The round table was held in the regular course of 2nd Department of Political Academy work for advanced education in general policy.