Panel Discussion about the problem of air pollution in Slavonski Brod

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zrak brod webSlavonski Brod, March 7, 2017 - In Slavonski Brod was held a public forum on the topic „How can Croatia and the local government contribute to the solution of the air pollution problem in Slavonski Brod" with an interactive approach by all participants with Member of Parliament of HNS, Marija Puh.

Puh reported about the work of the Parliamentary Committee for the Environment and Nature, which deals with this issue. The Committee met by the end of 2016 and its conclusions were to solve the air pollution problem, which has been entrusted to the Ministry of Environment and Energy and the Croatian government. One of the most important is the proposal for gasification of oil refinery, which would significantly reduce air pollution and the pipeline, would be funded by the Republic of Croatia. Puh reported about the constant work on reminding the Government about the problem of pollution, as well on the faster resolution of international problem.

Parliamentary Committee for Environmental Protection and Nature will meet again in April and raise the issues on the next level, to the Parliament plenary session. Puh listened experience and suggestions for the solutions of problems through discussion of all participants. The participants wanted clarification of the concrete work of the Committee for Environmental Protection and Nature, deadlines that should be specified, attitudes, as well as relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The proposals and conclusions of forum participants were interesting: startup of modern oil processing, which is through the war years estranged from refineries and exploitation of the impact of the EU in the accession negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to reduce limits of dangerous gases and particles that are released into the atmosphere by legislations.

The forum was opened by the president of HNS Brodsko-posavska county organization Igor Rubil and he addressed all participants about the issue of air pollution in Slavonski Brod that lasts for eight years caused by the refinery in Bosanski Brod. Debate ended with an agreement that the Parliamentary Committee for Environmental Protection and Nature will encourage even more to solve the problem of air pollution in Slavonski Brod.