There is no rest for the Third Department of the Academy

karlovacka jacanje 2014Karlovac, 25th of September 2014 – "The CPP has a strong team of people who do their jobs exclusively for the benefit of their fellow citizens in many visible and invisible projects that facilitate the development of Croatia and its various parts", said a member of the CPP's Presidency and the Minister of Construction and Urban Planning Anka Mrak Taritaš.

She especially highlighted the importance of projects of the CPP's Ministers like the legalization of buildings, which will continue to be remembered in the Croatian history. Mrak Taritaš also commented on the support of workers of INA's refinery for the CPP's Minister Ivan Vrdoljak for his struggle for the Croatian oil company, who received a warm welcome by them in Sisak.

"Karlovačka County, so close and yet so far from Zagreb, the CPP nevertheless reaches every one of its voters and members through tours like this. We shall prepare well for the upcoming elections, which will be a true test of our strength", said Mrak Taritaš and concluded that the CPP, as before, shall demonstrate its good work in the elections.

"The CPP is not a star that began to shine in 1991 and stopped in 1995, it's an enduring and lasting project", said the CPP's MP Goran Beus Richembergh at the press conference in Karlovac. He also reminded the gathered that the CPP successfully completed its biggest test of maturity less than a year ago at the local elections.

"The CPP's results in the last local elections have been better than ever before, better than many had hoped. We have two Prefects, many Mayors, Heads of Municipalities and the largest number of Councillors in the history of the party", emphasized Goran Beus Richembergh, adding that the counties and cities led by the CPP's people are the best in Croatia.

"Current political leadership in Karlovačka County deals with issues that have nothing to do with the major problems of our citizens. The CPP in Karlovačka County promotes discussions on relevant themes, while we also work on education of our citizens and the development of our community", highlighted the CPP's commissioner for the Karlovačka County Dean Žabčić, adding that the CPP will soon have the opportunity to show what it can do.

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