Primorsko-goranska organization visited the Croatian Parliament and the Academy

primorska sabor 2014 webZagreb, 16th October 2014. – Within the 3rd Department of the Academy with the aim of organizational strengthening of the party, CPP's Primorsko-goranska county organisation visited the Croatian Parliament and the Academy.

At the beginning Stanko Borić, advisor of CPP's Club, welcomed all participants, and during their visit the host was Ivica Jakopiček, an associate of the Office of Vice President of the Croatian Parliament.

After a tour through Hall of Ante Starčević they all went to the gallery to listen to the session of Parliament where MPs discussed Courts Act. After that Milorad Batinić, president of CPP's Club and Vice President of the Croatian Parliament received them in their office.

Speaking about the current political situation and the subject of debate in Parliament, Batinić pointed out how the main objective is quality of the courts.

"Democracy means not just freedom of speech, it also means taking responsibility", said the Vice President of the Croatian Parliament while answering questions of participants.
They continued the tour in CPP's Club where they were welcomed by MPs Nada Turina Đurić, Sonja König, Vesna Sabolić, Srđan Gjurković and Dragutin Glavina. They discussed the work of the Club, preparation of MPs for the session, the work of parliamentary committees, mutual cooperation and teamwork of CPP's representatives. Tour ended with traditional photography with MPs.

After official visit to the Croatian Parliament, they held a working meeting on the work and difficulties in the work of CPP's presidents of the subsidiaries and CPP's actions in the upcoming period with Žarko Stilin, Head of CPP's Central Office. After that Hrvoje Marušić, Assistant Minister of Foreign and European Affairs spoke about the system of coordination of European Affairs in Republic of Croatia.

Speaking of the bodies of the European Union, Marušić pointed out the way in which the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs is working with the EU Council. He stressed the role of Parliaments of all EU countries, including the Croatian Parliament, whose task is to keep an eye on the principle of subsidiarity.

He also mentioned current results of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, and outlined an action plan for the upcoming period.

"Ms. Vesna Pusić is not only an excellent minister of Foreign affairs , but also an excellent minister of European affairs. Unfortunately the public is not adequately informed about the results of our ministries", concluded Marušić.

Stilin highlighted in his presentation the organizational structure of CPP in which the significance and role of the subsidiary is extremely important. Emphasis is placed on meetings, gatherings, education and actions in the subsidiaries and the relationship between politics and organization in the subsidiary.

"The meetings, political discussions, lectures, debates, quizzes, as well as the harmonization of attitudes indicate the policy of organizations. On the other hand, meetings, actions in local committees, distribution of leaflets, filling out a survey, distribution of materials, as well as pasting posters mark the organization. Communication with citizens should be, and must be used in a political organization", said Head of the Central Office.

Speaking about the liberal policy of the individual, Stilin remained at the freedom and responsibility as the basic principles of liberal politics. He pointed out that Boris Blažeković, Head of the Academy during his visits to CPP's county organisations speaks about liberalism.

"Communication on the field, which means communication between regional alliances, county organizations, subsidiaries, branches with MPs, ministers, deputy ministers, officials in the ministries and other government officials at the state and local level is of utmost importance. Only communication, which in the background has updated database, can reach out to members and voters", concluded Stilin and stressed the extremely important role of the Academy in the party.

The next visit, organized by CPP's Political Academy, will be held on 22nd October when the Croatian Parliament and the Academy will visit CPP's Karlovačka county organisation.

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