Education for Local Boards of the City of Zadar

MO zadarZadar, 30th October 2014 – Within the 3rd Department of the Academy with the aim of organizational strengthening of the party, CPP's Zadar organisation invited friends from Rijeka to give them their valuable experience with the recent elections for the Local Boards of the City of Rijeka.

After high score of 15 percent, or 18 seats that CPP won on local elections in Rijeka, Andrej Poropat as the vice president of CPP's subsidiary Rijeka and a member of CPP's Team, and Žarko Stilin, Head of the Central Office, held a lecture on their experiences to the presidents of branches and candidates on the election lists for the Local Boards of the City of Zadar.

"We realized by the feedback of voters in Rijeka that we are on the right way and I am confident there will be a reason to be satisfied in Zadar", said Poropat.

Žarko Stilin pointed out it is of great importance to mobilize all CPP members, supporters and voters in Zadar.

"You are going out on the elections in 24 Local Boards, that is five times more than in elections four years ago. It's also a sure indication that your work and people from the lists will certainly be identifed in Zadar on 16th November 2014. on the elections for the Local Boards", encouraged Stilin.

Moderators of education Poropat and Stilin were thrilled by the positive energy and working enthusiasm of their colleagues and friends from Zadar.

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