CPP proves force independently, but the goal is to act synergistically

jacanje sredisnji 2014Zagreb, 29th November 2014. - In Zagreb, within the 3rd Department of the Academy, a meeting of strengthening Croatian People's Party-Liberal Democrats for CPP's Central-Croatian regional alliance was held. The meeting gathered, along with the highest officials of CPP, members of the Presidency and MPs, party members from CPP's city organization of City of Zagreb, Zagrebańćka, Karlovańćka and Sisańćko-moslavańćka counties.

"This is a form of work that CPP highly price and on which we will insist in the future, to gather membership, primarily leaders, activists, people who in their communities lead and gather other people in politics of civic center and the politics of CPP", said CPP's president, first Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Vesna Pusińá at a press conference held before the meeting. She pointed out that the meetings of the organizational strengthening are an important form of work in the party, especially in circumstances in which clearly can be compared rating of the party and election results for local committees. "Elections are the only thing that counts. As the saying goes, the evidence that cake exist is that you can eat it. And here is so, the proof is what you get in real elections", said the president of CPP recalling the recent elections for local committees in Rijeka, where polls gave three percent to CPP, and the results reached 15 percent.

She also commented on thesis in public that CPP can achieve results only when with partners. She said how before the parliamentary elections, in the election campaign various means are used, but on them no one will fall for. She recalled that CPP independently in the early parliamentary elections achieved outstanding results, winning 11 MPs. Yet with partners CPP makes synergy. "To win in the parliamentary elections we will act in synergy, to finish what we begun in this term, because the point is not only to show its strength, the point is to fight for Croatia's future without corruption, no bribery, with a successful economy and with the ability to identify comparative advantages of Croatia", said Vesna Pusińá.

"We have gathered here to show big orange heart, that we are together and we go forward together", said the hostess of the meeting in Zagreb, president of CPP's City organisation of the City of Zagreb and Minister of Construction and Physical Planning Anka Mrak TaritaŇ°. She emphasized the fellowship as the reason of existence of CPP, as the party who has a vision, its past and future, party which exists for 24 years and, as she said, overcame all childhood diseases.

"After all events in Zagreb and after 14 years of one mode of managing the city,nothing will be the same. The idea is that CPP's City organisation knows where and how should it proceed. I am pleased that we have gathered, people came not only to demonstrate but to talk to each other and exchange experiences and see for themselves where, how and what to do next. We know what to do next and we will discuss it today, in the heart of Zagreb", said Anka Mrak TaritaŇ°.

"As president of the Central-Croatian regional alliance, I am extremely proud of the work of the Alliance and the results that we achieve and on people who make it. Membership is what makes us different, making us better and different", said the president of the Central-Croatian regional alliance KreŇ°imir Malec. He added that membership in this area is in constant growth. "CPP has strong opinions and character. We do not follow trends and we do not want to depart from our values. Also we are a modern party that has ideas, and it is important that people recognize our human values. We do not have voters or members of habit, support is what makes us better", concluded Malec.

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