CPP's MPs work synergistically!

koprivnicka 2014 webZagreb, 4th December 2014. - Within the 3rd Department of the Academy with the aim of organizational strengthening of the party, representatives of CPP's Koprivničko-križevačka organization visited the Croatian Parliament and the Academy and spoke with CPP's MPs in the Jelacic hall.

MPs have spoke about the work of the Club and parliamentary departments and committees. Also, they talked about the importance of field work and stressed that powerful and strong work can lead to a better functioning of the party. Special emphasis was placed on responsibilities and difficulties in the work of MPs and working conditions in the Parliament. One of the topics were upcoming parliamentary elections. MPs said how the following mandate will bring changes citizens voted for in the last elections. The first thing was to clean up the mess of the past mandate, in order to move on. It was concluded that CPP's MPs work synergistically in the Club, and in the field.

All present asked questions to Nada Turina Đurić, Sonja König, Ivica Mandić and Igor Kolman such as how and in what way to attract new strategic investments, and about the current political situation.

At the very beginning of the event all participants were welcomed by Andreja Horvat Friščić and Ivica Jakopiček, Head and associate of the Office of the Vice President of the Croatian Parliament. After the tour they attended the session in the gallery where they listened a discussion about the Social Welfare Act.

The work of the Presidents of subsidiaries and the difficulties they face every day as well as training on local committees have been topics of lectures at the Academy held by Head of CPP's Central Office Žarko Stilin.

"Subsidiary is a key organizational form that simultaneously reflects its work to the branches, as well as to county organization. In this context, the most important is the role of the Presidents of subsidiaries whose work and energy makes the party better or worse", noted Stilin in his lecture.

"It is necessary to restore a sense of belonging, pride and strength in each member of the CPP. Do not forget that the party signifies togetherness and that without good organization we can not achieve the results on the elections", said Stilin.

Speaking about elections for local committees Head of the Central Office pointed out ways of promoting and methodological approaches that can stimulate and activate the membership, because it is extremely important to mobilize CPP's members, supporters and voters. In his lecture he conveyed the experience from the elections for local committees for Crikvenica and Rijeka.

At the very end they discussed the future work plan of Koprivničko-križevačka county organization, current problems they encounter, and the importance of the work of Political Academy.

Next visit, organized by the Political Academy of CPP will be held on 4th December when the Croatian Parliament will visit members of Women's Initiatives of City organization of the City of Zagreb.

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