CPP's Women's Initiative of Zagreb visited the Croatian Parliament

gradske zene sabor 2014Zagreb, 5th December 2014. – Members of CPP's Women's Initiative of City of Zagreb took advantage of a visit to the Croatian Parliament to talk about the current socio - political topics, emphasizing, as always, the importance of women's participation in politics, for what CPP's Women's Initiative stands for.

Present members followed the parliamentary session and visited the premises of CPP's Club and press room named after Marija Jurić Zagorka.

"Press room Marija Jurić Zagorka is the only room in the Parliament, which is named after a woman", said König and announced initiative that one of the halls in the Croatian Parliament be named after Savka Dabčević – Kučar.

As host during the visit to the Parliament König spoke about the work of the Club, Parliament service and boards, and stressed the responsibilities and challenges that accompany MPs. She also pointed out that the job of MPs is much more extensive than in looks like in public, and that except the work in parliamentary benches it also includes field work, communication with citizens, work in parliamentary committees and of great importance is also relationship with the media.

"Members of CPP's Club are thoroughly prepared for any discussion and are active in parliamentary discussions", said König speaking about the work of CPP's Club.

Speaking about women's representation in politics, president of Women's Initiative and Member of Parliament said that the percentage of women in the Croatian Parliament today is higher than in the first convening and is 25 percent. She pointed out that Rwanda is a country with the most women in parliament.

Apart Sonja König, during the whole tour, members of Women's Initiative were accompanied by an expert associate from the Office of Vice President of the Croatian Parliament, Ivica Jakopiček.

With this event, which was held within the 3rd Department of the Academy with the aim of organizational strengthening of the party, Academy completed visits to the Croatian Parliament for year 2014.

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