CPP's Women's Initiative together and powerfully for a new election law!

zene zagrebacka webZagreb, 19th February 2015 - Members of the CPP's Women's Initiative of Zagreba─Źka County visited the Croatian Parliament and CPP's Political Academy. On that occasion, in the company of MPs Sonja K├Ânig and president of CPP's Women's Initiative of Zagreba─Źka county organization Ivona Beus Richembergh, they talked about the presence and role of women in politics, with special reference to The newly Law on Election of Representatives to the Croatian Parliament.

Speaking about the representation of women in politics and the new Election Law, K├Ânig pointed out a big step forward in gender equality that was achieved by amending the Act which provides for the lists of candidates representation of at least 40 percent of members of both sexes ie. The introduction of so-called quota.

Building on the MP, Ivona Beus Richembergh stressed the importance of mutual communication with other interested committees of Women's Initiative and stated that women in their local environment can be involved in politics and thus improve life in its community.

"Women have a different view of the world. They are always proactive", concluded Beus Richembergh.

Also, below K├Ânig cited the example of research when the children in the Finnish kindergarten were asked what they want to become when they grow up. "Later, the analysis of the responses showed that none of the boys did not answer he wanted to be president. This desire expressed only girls. When later asked why, they replied that in their country presidents are women. In other words, it is important what we see, who we see and how we learn", said K├Ânig.

Before useful and pleasant conversation in the Academy, members of Women's Initiative of Zagreba─Źka County visited the Croatian Parliament, where they were, with Sonja K├Ânig, welcomed and greeted by Ivica Jakopi─Źek, associate from the Office of Vice president of the Croatian Parliament, and in the Club by members of Parliament Milorad Batini─ç, Nada Turina ─Éuric, Ivica Mandi─ç and Goran Beus Richembergh.

With MPs they discussed the work of parliamentary committees and services, the Club, mutual collegial relations of CPP's representatives, as well as the upcoming parliamentary elections. On that occasion, Ivona Beus Richemberg stressed the importance of the subsidiaries and Women's Initiative in campaigns. It was interesting and interactive because the members of Women's Initiative had a handful of questions predominantly focused on upcoming parliamentary elections.

It was concluded that these kinds of visits to Parliament and the Academy strengthen mutual relation. Specific information from the field help the MPs.

After speaking at the Club they attended the session on the gallery, and there was discussion about the final bill on amendments to the law on the subsidized housing construction and the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Agricultural Land.

Finally, we can rightly conclude - another useful and nice socializing within the 3rd Department of the Academy with the aim of organizational strengthening of the party.

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