Vrdoljak: HNS will be a constructive opposition and support to anyone who wants a civil Croatia

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istra jacanje sijecanjPula, 13th January 2016 – Within the 3rd Department of the Academy with the aim of organizational strengthening the party vice president of HNS and Minister of Economy Ivan Vrdoljak, president of Istarsko-primorsko-goransko-ličko-senjski Regional Alliance of HNS, MP and Mayor of Kraljevica Nada Turina Đuric and president of HNS's Istarska County Zvonko Liović held in Pula press conference, after which they headed into the center of Primorsko-goranska County - Rijeka.

"HNS won 100,000 preferential votes in parliamentary elections. It is 10 seats, and we have 9. We've never dragged after anyone. At every election, each of our mandate is earned thanks to votes for HNS, our voters, and earned thanks to a strong organization", said vice president of HNS and Minister of Economy Ivan Vrdoljak at the conference in Pula held within the meeting of the organizational strengthening for the County of Istria. "It is similar with the polls, after which many are surprised by the number of CPP's mandates. The point is simple - we have a stable electorate, continuity of serious policy and do not give out to populism. It is not the first nor the last time that we look at the parties that receive votes on account of populism in the campaign, and later show the incompetence and irresponsibility", he said.

Commenting on the negotiations between MOST and Patriotic Coalition he said that past weeks they haven't been dealing with absolutely nothing, but only the division of the departments, and rated doubtful their level of mutual trust. "When someone enters a coalition with someone saying he wants the Ministry of Internal Affairs to stop the new coalition partner in the theft, to me that is abnormal. It does not reveal the slightest confidence in the success of functioning of that government, not to mention the reforms." "All their talk about reforms, and we are all for reforms, disappeared before the interests of division of the ministries and control of each other - HDZ to control their populism and MOST to control HDZ in their potential theft and corruption."

He rated that HNS during the previous mandate did a hard work in not an easy position of junior coalition partner during the global economic crisis and noted that the government has left behind a country that has emerged from recession, a country with strong GDP growth, country in which was introduced order, taken care of space, made the industrial strategy, restructured the shipbuilding industry and state-owned companies.

He stood on the end of media speculation clearly stating that HNS goes into opposition. "No official of HNS will be in the government. We will monitor what they are doing, what they're planning and what reforms will be implemented. I don't have great confidence in their implementation. We will be consistent and we will be support to all those citizens who seek civil Croatia and want a consistent and fair policy." "The purpose of our existence is that there is a party that will be loyal to the truth, in good and bad. It is obvious that today there are at least 100,000 citizens who appreciate and respect HNS. And if nothing else, because of our party and because of those voters we must never give away to cheap populism that has the appearance of MOST as an option and is an example of inconsistencies in Croatia. "

Tour of our organizations today we continue in Krapinsko-zagorska County, and during the weekend we will visit all counties of Dalmatian regional alliance. Such meetings within the Academy's third department we maintain regularly, two or three times a year, where we are strengthening the intra-communication and the organization itself. It turned out that the organizational strengthening is one of the reasons for the good results of the HNS in the elections.