Meetings of the organizational strengthening of CPP in the counties of Slavonia and Baranja regional alliance

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zastava webZagreb, 20th January 2016 – Within the 3rd Department of the Academy with the aim of organizational strengthening of the party and after the elections for the Croatian Parliament, in mid-December 2015 began another tour of the CPP's county organizations.

At meetings of the county organizations are participating presidents and secretaries of regional alliances and county organizations, spokesmen of the same, branch presidents and members of the Presidency of the county organizations.

Such meetings within the Academy's third department are held regularly, two or three times a year, which strengthens the intra-communication and the organization itself. It turned out that the organizational strengthening was one of the reasons for the good results of the CPP in the elections.

Our team of 3rd Department of the Academy - Ferenčak – Stilin - Zvonar - so far visited the county organizations of Central-Croatian, Croatian-northwest, Istria and Primorje-Gorski Kotar-Lika-Senj and Dalmatian regional alliances, and in some county organizations Vice President of CPP Ivan Vrdoljak joined them on the tour.

Next destination of the tour are the counties of Slavonia and Baranja regional alliance that will be visited this weekend.