CPP's intranet means a better connection of CPP at all levels

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intranet barbi hamzoZagreb, 15th February 2016 – Within the 3rd Department of the Academy of organizational strengthening of the party, on Saturday 13th February, was held a seminar on the importance of intra-communication and the use of party intranet.

The seminar discussed the idea and implementation of the party's intranet in practice. The stated platform includes recording all activities of the party at all levels, will help colleagues in the implementation of these activities and monitor the life of the organization. On the other hand the users will share informations much easier, as well as to archive all the necessary and important documents in one place.

Inter-Intranet was created in order to better inform and connect customers. The mentioned internet platform has been developing for a year and will be available to all party officials.

About the theoretical part spoke Barbara Zvonar, Head of CPP's Central Office and the head of the third department of the Academy, while Sandro Hamzić, Head of the IT department of CPP's central office spoke about technical details.