HNS club and Academy hosted members of HNS Zagreb City Organization

go 15 2 webZagreb, February 16, 2017 - As part of the third Academy department with the aim of organizational party strengthening, members and sympathizers of HNS City Organization have visited the Croatian Parliament and the Academy.

In the HNS-HSU Club attendants were met by members of Parliament Vesna Pusić, Anka Mrak Taritaš, Milorad Batinić and Goran Beus Richembergh.

In the Club they all talked about the work of MPs, the preparations for the meeting, the conditions in which they work and about the work of parliamentary committees. The MPs also discussed about the importance of field working for the upcoming local elections.

"Our job is to be active even though the opposition amendments are not accepted. The club must express its attitude. What we are discussing about we are trying to do the best possible way. We feel like the winners of parliamentary elections, in particular because of the preferential votes and so we try to be even better," said Anka Mrak Taritaš.

Club President Milorad Batinić mentioned the importance of local elections and emphasized that cooperation with other parties on the field with the aim of preparing for local elections depends on the municipality to municipality.

After the conversation participants started a tour of the premises of the Parliament and attended the meeting at the gallery. In the end, after the group photo, the participants went to the premises of the Academy.

In the street below the funicular Tomislav Stojak, president of the Central-Croatian regional alliance greeted our participants, stressing the importance of the Academy.

"Everything you have seen in Parliament is only part of the activities. Inter-operation of the party is very important and it can be said that the most important part of work for 12 years goes through the Political Academy. We are the only party that works in such a way and only we have the Academy. It is imperative that within the party there is an awareness of educating its members", said Stojak.

Public service and politics was the topic of the lecture by the leader of the Academy, Boris Blažeković.

"Today's public administration can and must be the protector of fundamental human rights. Every government, no matter how liberal is, but is trying to repress its citizens in some segments", began Blažeković.

Lecture pointed out that the privatization of public services can be the engine of the country.

"Modern public administration should not be visible initiative but with good intentions for the citizens. The basic principle of public administration, subsidiarity and public administration has to be attractive to citizens", concluded Blažeković.

The next visit to the Croatian Parliament and the Academy will be held on March 15th.

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