Blažeković: Branches make the alpha and omega of quality work of subsidiary

podruznica kcKarlovac, February 28 2017. – „Every member of HNS is a responsible politician who cannot escape from responsibilities. Subsidiary is for HNS a basic organizational form and with lectures like this one, the Academy is looking for firmer communication with presidents and secretaries of subsidiaries of every county organization. With this approach we all together trying to find a new communication channels that will ensure us a better work and activities", said Boris Blažeković, the leader of Political Academy in Karlovac where was held a lecture about the work of presidents of subsidiaries and its everyday difficulties.

At the beginning of his lecture Blažeković presented statistical data, i.e. the number of HNS members, the number of subsidiaries and affiliates. He also referred to the total number of seats won in the local elections, the number of seats won in the representative bodies from 2009 to 2013 and the number of leaders in the executive branch. The lecture is based on the importance and relevance of HNS subsidiaries, its structure, the organization of work in the branch, as well as the importance of holding meetings and socializing after the sessions. Finally Blažeković referred to the preparation of a subsidiary for the local elections, actions to be maintained, as greater presence among the people, presentation of programs and candidates, campaign plan and all other activities preceding the local elections.

„Political Academy is an important wheel of our party because of its educations that help in the acquisition of new and renewal of old knowledge. Remember that only persistent and systematic work and personal enthusiasm of each member, including the president and the secretary ofsubsidiary brings success in the elections", said Blažeković.

Before the lecture that was attended by all the presidents and secretaries of subsidiaries and other interesed members, the speech was given by the president of HNS Karlovac County Organization Zvonko Spudić. Spudić pointed out the importance of subsidiaries as the basic organizational units of HNS. The president of the Central-Croatian regional alliance of HNS, Tomislav Stojak gave the opening speech and praised the new leadership of the county organization, their commitment and responsibility in carrying out all given tasks. In the end, Dubravka Vrbetić, secretary of the county organization, thanked the Head of the Academy for the interesting and educational presentation.

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