Visits of the county organizations to the Parliament and the Academy also affect the strengthening of the HNS

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sabor 15 3Zagreb, March 16, 2017 - Academy has organized the last visit to the Parliament and the Academy for this academic year, as part of the 3rd division, with the aim of strengthening the party. The reasons are field preparations of HNS for the upcoming local elections and this time we hosted members and sympathizers of HNS Zagrebačka and Sisačko-moslavačka county organizations.

All participants were welcomed and greeted by the secretary of HNS-HSU Club, Stanko Borić and in the hall Josip Jelačić our dear people from the field were welcomed by the Vice-President of the Parliament and president of HNS Ivan Vrdoljak and members of Parliament Anka Mrak Taritaš, Bernard Topolko, Božica Makar, Goran Richemberg and Veljko Kajtazi.

In a pleasant atmosphere they have discussed about specific topics. Richemberg spoke about the history of the Parliament, while Mrak Taritaš spoke about the work of the Club and preparations of MPs for the sessions. Mrak Taritaš put particular importance on a great atmosphere and mutual cooperation, while Veljko Kajtazi expressed satisfaction that he is a member of the HNS-HSU Club where he feels great. Ivan Vrdoljak talked about preparations of the party for the local elections, as well as the importance of high motivation of people and field work ahead of them.

After the talk, everything was marked with the group photo and the participants went on a tour of the premises of Parliament. At the end they also attended the session from the gallery. On the agenda was the report of the Prime Minister about the European Council meeting that will be held on 9th of March in Brussels and about the informal meetings of the European Council in Valletta, Malta, on 3rd February and in Brussels, 10th of March.

Further socializing continued at the Academy where participants were welcomed by the president of the Central-Croatian regional alliance Tomislav Stojak and Boris Blažeković, head of the Academy who has held a presentation about a public service and politics.

"Today's public administration can and must be the protector of fundamental human rights. Every government, no matter how liberal it was trying to be, it also tries to repress its citizens in some segments. The privatization of public services can be the engine of development. Who is more important? Satisfied citizens or happy state? This is not the same! Denmark, Canada and the Netherlands have both. Where the citizens are satisfied, the states are satisfied too", said Blažeković.

The Academy will continue with the same activity at the beginning of the next academic year.

Academy would like to thank to all county organizations of the Central-Croatian regional alliance that have visited the Parliament and the Academy this academic year, to all MPs, employees of the HNS-HSU Club, to Nikolina Herceg Kolman, Božica Butorac and Stanko Borić and Tomislav Stojak and Mirjana Marić, the president and the secretary of the Central-Croatian regional alliance.