Liberals of Southeast Europe concerned about the fragmentation of the EU around the refugee crisis

kriza libseen webZagreb, 21st March 2016 – "Hope must overcome fear", is the message of liberals of South Eastern Europe from LIBSEEN round table entitled "Liberals of Southeast Europe for liberal solutions for refugee crisis and preservation of the freedom of movement", which took place on March 18th in Belgrade.

The European Union must urgently adopt and implement a common strategy to deal with the refugee crisis, including the treatment of war crises that force people into exile, as well as their return where there exist conditions and the integration of some refugees in European societies. Xenophobia and populism that thrive on the refugee crisis do not contribute to its solving and they harm to the citizens of the countries where they occur. That is the message of liberals of Southeast Europe.

Liberals will continue to share best practices from their countries in the management and integration of refugees and encourage other parties to stay away from populism, defer to the best European values and search for development of solutions to this problem, it was pointed out in the discussion.

Croatian People's Party - Liberal Democrats was represented by a member of the Presidency and the head of the CPP's Political Academy Boris Blažeković, who expressed his concern about the division of the EU on the refugee crisis.

The round table was attended by officials of twelve liberal parties from the Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Hungary and Bulgaria, as well as guests from the Dutch Liberal Party VVD, NDI, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and ALDE party.

Liberals are in the Southeast Europe the only political group that has regular meetings several times a year. Through the exchange of experiences of their parties at the thematic events such as this, or annual meetings of party leaders, they contribute to reconciliation and the improvement of cooperation in the region, as well as strengthening its liberal European profile.

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