Workshop: The European Refugee Crisis

najava web grckaZagreb, 5th May 2016 – CPP's Political Academy and International educational center received invitations to participate in the workshop on topic „The European Refugee Crisis – Liberal Answers to Challenges on Sea". The workshop will be held from 5th till 7th May in Mytilini.

Europe is faced with the largest influx of refugees since World War II. It is safe to say that migradion will be one of the key clallenges the European Union (EU) will be confronted with in the years to come- on a strategic, political, a nd moral level.

How can liberal think tanks and politicaians on the European and on the national level help shaping the debate towards more rationalism and practicalit? Which measures han the European Commission proposed so far, what have the member states implemented so far? What works well? Where is room for improvement? Those and other questions will be tackled in workshop on the island of Lesvos – at the very forefront of the European refugee debate.

IEC, whose member is CPP's Political Academy, will represent Goran Neralić, president of the Center.

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