It is your decision what kind of politicians you will be but it is up to us to provide you with the necessary tools

javni nastup krajZagreb, April 3, 2017 - "It is your decision what kind of politicians you will be but it is up to us to provide you with the necessary tools for your public appearance during this seminar. However, do not forget that you are, as candidates for mayors in local elections, under public magnifier 24/7", said Igor Kolman on practice of public speaking, which was held during the weekend in Biograd.

In Biograd we were working big and strong! Candidates listened lectures about public speech, the general impression of public performance and efficient and successful appearance during public events.

Also, three workshops have been carried out. The first workshop was on the topic "The politicians and the public", candidates had to write three topics which they see as the biggest problems of their place. After that, with the one chosen theme they performed in front of an audience. There was also an analysis of the appearance, content and overall impression with tips for improvement. In the second workshop "Appearances of politicians in the media" candidates were individually performed at the podium and had to answer questions from reporters, all filmed by camera. This was followed by the analysis of the activities of candidates on the basis of recorded material with practical advice for improving public appearance and speech. In the third workshop "Public Speaking in front of an audience at the given topic", each candidate was asked a question. Participants had to respond in the duration of a minute and a half and they realized that the answer is not easy to give in that short time. There is a prominent theory came in stating that it is preparing a public speech for public performance basis only. There came a prominent theory in stating that the preparation for a public speech for public performance is the basis for everything. Furthermore, all recorded by the camera was analyzed and each candidate got a practical advice for more constructive public speaking in front an audience.

The seminar was led by Smiljana Leinert-Novosel, professor at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb and Igor Kolman, former Member of Parliament of the HNS and the head of the Academy Boris Bla┼żekovi─ç. The seminar's opening speech was also held by Barbara Zvonar, head of the HNS Central Office.

Conclusions of the training are more than helpful and we hope it will be useful to our candidates. We are sure that this seminar was more than useful and that the candidates adopted and perfected their public appearance that will help them not only for the upcoming local elections, but also in the future.

Seminar was held in the association of the HNS Political Academy sponsored by the German Liberal Foundation Friedrich Naumann for Freedom.

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