Coordination of European affairs and thte Centre of Exellence of MFEA

mvep najava webZagreb, 4th March 2015 - Within the study program „Governance in institutions of the state" of the IEC and the Academy on Thursday, March 5 lectures will be held in the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs and the Political Academy of HNS.

Lectures will explain how the Ministry works, while shining a light on the MFEA's Centre of Excellence which is one of the main projects of Minister Vesna Pusić. Lectures will be given by Hrvoje Marušić, assistant-minister of foreign and European affairs and Mirna Vlašić Feketija, head of the Centre of Excellence.

After a visit to the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, students will return to the Academy for a fifth and final lecture of professor Đana Luša.

We would like to thank Nikolina Herceg Kolman, advisor in the Office of the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs, for her role in organizing this event.

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