Kotarski on the causes of the economic crisis

kotarski 10 3Zagreb, March 11, 2015 – First lectures on Economic Policy were held by prof. Kristijan Kotarski from the Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb.

During the introductory lectures, participants had an opportunity to acquaint themselves with basics of the economic policy, which should serve them well for the future when they will study some of the major economic processes in more detail.

In the introductory lecture, Kotarski presented the state of debate in the economic science on the proper role of the state in economic processes, while emphasizing that there is no simple answer to the question of how much regulation is needed and what should be left to the market.

Afterwards, the professor analysed the causes of the global economic crisis and how it spread through a domino effect from the United States to Europe as well as Croatia. A particular focus was given on explaining the causes of the crisis in Croatia, while examining the drivers of economic growth before 2008 and changes to public spending after the crisis.

The first series of lectures on the economic policy were concluded on the topic of fiscal and monetary policy where Kotarski explained the potential effects of economic measures as well as the dilemmas with which policymakers are faced when deciding on the course of the economic policy.

The lectures are being held as part of the „Governance in institutions of the state" study programme of the IEC and the Academy.

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