"About the coordination of European Affairs and the Center of Excellence"

hrvac MVEPZagreb, 10th April 2015 – Students of the study "Management in the institutions of the state" visited the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, and the last lecture in the first semester of the course "Public Relations in politics" was held.

Assistant Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Hrvoje Marušić held a lecture on the work of the Ministry and the coordination of European affairs. During his lecture Marušić presented foreign policy priorities of the Republic of Croatia and organization of the Ministry and gave special attention to projects such as the Centre of Excellence, the Adriatic Provence, Croatian houses, Croatia forums and projects of development assistance. Also, he introduced the participants with the institutional structure of the EU and the way in which the Ministry is coordinating European affairs. Marušić explained the complex way how Ministry establishes national positions with regard to the adoption of European policies and institutions that participate in the process. He stressed the importance of active participation of Croatia in decision-making at the European level, saying that even a single word and comma in the European Directive could mean billions for the Croatian economy.

Mirna Vlašić Feketija, Head of the Centre of Excellence, that is, the Council for the transition process, presented the work of the Centre, which is one of the main projects of the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Vesna Pusić. Vlašić Feketija explained that the Centre of Excellence is established, because they wanted to share the expertise and experience gained through a long process of European integration of Croatia with countries in the region. In addition, the Centre has provided maintaining contacts with various experts who participated in the negotiation process and Croatian accession to the European Union. Meanwhile, the Centre has expanded its area of activity on capacity building of the Croatian public administration for participation in the coordination of European affairs, as well as in the coordination of "twinning" projects, in which Croatia participates. Head of the Centre of Excellence emphasized that with the expansion of Croatian expertise to countries in the region, Croatia gained invaluable contacts with foreign government officials who appear to be an exceptional source of information.

After the lecture in the Ministry, at the Academy the participants had the opportunity to listen to the last lecture of Marijana Grbeša from Faculty of Political Sciences about public relations in politics. There was also a workshop where participants applied all their knowledge acquired during the course "Public Relations in politics" and finally offered interesting solutions and answers to the tasks assigned to them by professor.

We wish to thank the advisor in the Cabinet of the Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Nikolina Herceg Kloman for the great help in organizing meeting at the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

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