Public administration and public policies

skolica 16 4Zagreb, 17th April 2015 – Within the study organized by IEC and Academy entitled "Management in the institutions of the state", supported by the Dutch liberal party D66, Professor Gordana Marčetić and Professor Ana Petek have held their first lectures.

Gordana Marčetić from the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb held first session of the course about public administration and introduced participants with the fundamental concepts.

"Although today we have a very negative story about public administration, within the public administration we have very different organizations, that is, the set of legal organizations that perform public duties. To be made the right decision in the public administration, the democratic, legal, economic, social and environmental values should be respected and taken into account and not only to observe how cost effective is the public work", said Marčetić.

Below Ana Petek from Faculty of Political Sciences in Zagreb, presented the concept of the course of public policies. She gave one of the definitions of public policy as defined by Thomas R. Dye in 1987 with a focus that public policy is whatever governments choose to do or not to do.

Petek also explained how we categorize according to the names public policies, that are distinguished by area (social, educational, agricultural, economic policy), according to the target group (defenders, youth policies, policies for people with disabilities) and the institutional framework (municipal, regional, national and European policies).

"Too little is investigated exactly what the government does when doing its job. Specifically, it is about deciding how to resolve some of the collective problems, and not about how to attract as many political supporters and voters. Public policies watch that specific part of the politics how the government does something, but just as important to observe how the government is not doing some things", concluded Petek.

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